The club is OPENING!

Dear Member/s,

We are pleased to inform you that we will be opening the green for social roll ups as a form of permitted exercise from Wednesday, July 1st. Opening hours will be between 2pm and 8pm. No visitors or spectators will be allowed in the club. We are opening the green as a form of exercise and not for social reasons.

We have only noted the key points in this letter, there is a full list of rules, guidelines and procedures available to view on our website and there will be copies available at the club. There will also be a specified Covid officer on the premises during all bowling sessions. They will be available to help you with any questions or queries you may have regarding the procedures while you are at the club.

Important information

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, a cough, or a high temperature. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups. We also ask that you do not come to the club if you have returned from any travel outside of the UK in the last 14 days or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus in the last 14 days. If you develop any symptoms after you have been at the club, please ensure that you inform the club secretary.

Clubhouse and facilities

The clubhouse will remain closed and will only be accessible to use the toilets if necessary. We ask that you avoid using club toilets wherever possible and you will have to clean anything you have touched after use.

Limited supplies of hand sanitiser, sanitising spray and sanitising wipes will be available at the club however we do encourage members to bring their own sanitiser where possible. Rubbish bins will be removed from the club and you must take all rubbish away with you

Use of lockers or changing rooms will not be permitted. If you wish to play and your bowls are currently stored in your locker or in the changing room, you will be allowed access on your first booking to retrieve your bowls and any required equipment. You will need to ensure that you thoroughly disinfect any surfaces you touch while retrieving your things. Once you have finished playing, you must take your equipment home with you and cannot return them to the lockers or changing room.

Rink Bookings

We will be implementing an online booking system for all rink bookings.

The booking system will be available through our website and can be viewed by clicking Booking Form from the menu.

If you do not have internet access and are unable to book online, please telephone Melanie Thomas to enquire about booking a rink.

Mobile:07472 457 251 Home:01570 481 311

You must book a rink in advance of turning up to the club to play. You will not be allowed on the green unless a rink has been booked the day before you wish to play so please do not travel to the club unless you have a confirmed booking.

Please ensure that you are punctual and do not arrive prior to your allocated start time. You will have a maximum of 90 minutes play and must leave within 10minutes of the end of your session time as shown below:

RINKStart / Finish times
11 / 122:00 – 3:304:00 – 5:306:00 – 7:30
9 / 102:10 – 3:404:10 – 5:406:10 – 7:40
7 / 82:20 – 3:504:20 – 5:506:20 – 7:50

Please ensure that you are respectful of other club members and do not book up all available slots. If we see there is an issue with some members using up too many slots, we will be revising the guidelines and capping the number of bookings per person.

Rules of Play

Maximum number of people allowed on each rink will be 4. This can either be made up of four players from one household or four players from two different households. Where players from different households are playing on the same rink, you must ensure that you follow the Welsh Government’s current social distancing guidelines. You cannot have four players from four different households on one rink.

Wear your bowling clothes to the club and change shoes immediately before and after your game. Where possible we ask that you do not use the benches in the club so if you need to sit down to change your shoes, please try and change your shoes in the car before you enter the club. If you are unable to do this, please let the covid officer know on arrival and they will allow you to use a bench to change your shoes and the area will be disinfected after use.

To minimise the risk of infection, only essential equipment will be allowed during any session and where possible use your own equipment from home.

All equipment should be cleaned and sanitised before and after use. Sanitising equipment and procedures will be in place for your safety.

We hope to see you at the club soon.

Kind Regards,

Lampeter Bowling Club

Coronafeirws – y diweddaraf Bowlio 19/06/2020 / Coronavirus – Bowling update 19/06/2020

Coronafeirws – y diweddaraf bowlio – 19/06/2020

Gyda’r newyddion da heddiw y bydd clybiau bowls yn cael agor o ddydd Llun 22 Mehefin ymlaen, roeddem yn meddwl y dylem roi’r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf i chi.

Ar hyn o bryd, bydd y Clwb Bowlio’n aros ar gau i’r aelodau hyd nes ceir rhybudd pellach.

Rydym wedi derbyn arweiniad cynhwysfawr gan WBA/WWBA a BowlsCymru ynghylch y rhagofalon a’r mesurau diogelwch y mae angen eu rhoi yn eu lle cyn y gellir agor y clwb. Mae’r Pwyllgor Rheoli yn cymryd y sefyllfa hon o ddifrif ac yn awyddus i sicrhau bod gennym y gweithdrefnau llymaf ar waith er mwyn inni allu sicrhau diogelwch ein haelodau ac fel y gallwch fod yn hyderus ei bod mor ddiogel â phosibl cyn dychwelyd i chwarae.

Dim ond ar ôl i ni fod yn sicr y gallwn cadw at y canllawiau a chadw ein haelodau yn ddiogel y byddwn yn agor y clwb. Ar y pwynt hwn, byddwn yn sicrhau bod pob aelod yn cael gwybod bod y clwb ar agor a’u bod hefyd yn cael gwybod am y gweithdrefnau y bydd angen iddynt eu dilyn er mwyn chwarae bowls.

Gobeithiwn eich gweld i gyd cyn rhy hir.

Pwyllgor Rheoli 2020


Coronavirus – Bowling Update – 19/06/2020

With the welcome news today that bowls clubs will be allowed to open from Monday 22nd June, we thought we should provide you with an update.

At present, the bowls club will remain closed to members until further notice.

We have received comprehensive guidance from WBA / WWBA and BowlsWales regarding the precautions and safety measures that need to be put in place before the club can be opened. The management committee are taking this situation very seriously and want to ensure that we have the strictest procedures in place so that we can guarantee the safety of our members and so that you can have confidence that it is as safe as possible to return to play.

Only once we are sure that we can correctly adhere to the guidelines and keep our members safe will we then open the club. At this point, we will ensure that all members are informed that the club is open and they will also be informed of the procedures that they will need to follow in order to play bowls.

We hope to see you all soon.

Management 2020