Covid – 19 Updates

Lampeter Bowling Club – Coronavirus – Full rules and guidance list

With the increased coronavirus cases in the local area, the management committee have taken the decision to close the club for the time being.We realise that being at the club and playing league games is an important social event for some of our members and would like to assure you that we haven’t taken the decision to close lightly. Our top priority however is keeping you all safe and healthy.The club will be closed until the 11th January. We will re-assess the situation nearer to this Date and provide you with any updates if the situation changes.

Club opening times

The bowls club will be open for play during the winter indoor season.

We will have strict guidelines and procedures in place to ensure your safety during your time at the club.

Opening hours for play will be during indoor league times only. Between 3pm and 8:30pm with two sessions of play. The club may also be open at other times for scheduled events .

There will be a specified Covid officer/ barperson on the premises during all bowling sessions. They will be available to help you with any questions or queries you may have regarding the procedures while you are at the club.

Important information

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, a cough, or a high temperature. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

We also ask that you do not come to the club if you have travelled from a non-exempt country to the UK in the last 14 days, have travelled from an area with local lockdown restrictions or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus in the last 14 days.

If you develop any symptoms after you have been at the club, please ensure that you inform the club secretary or one of our Covid officers.

Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household bubble only – do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household bubble.

Any person not sticking to the rules set out in this document may be required to leave the club premises.

Clubhouse and facilities

The clubhouse will now be open and all main facilities available for use. The indoor bowling rink will be open for use during the arranged league times only. The bar will open during the evenings and toilets will be accessible.

A one-way system will be in operation at the club with entry via the main doors and exit via the men’s changing room.

It is important that members follow the current guidelines for wearing face coverings in Wales. Once you enter the clubhouse, you must always wear your face covering unless you are seated at a table and you are either eating or drinking. If you are exempt from this requirement, please make our Covid officer aware, you will not be required to disclose your reasons for being exempt.

You must ensure that you sanitise your hands on arrival at the club. There will be a fixed hand sanitiser available on the wall as you come to the main entrance of the club and there will be a bottles of hand sanitiser available inside the clubhouse. We do encourage members to bring their own hand sanitiser where possible.

On entry to the club there will be someone in charge who will be taking your temperature and recording this information in our track and trace register. We will also require your name and a contact number in case we need to contact you. This information will be kept securely on file.

The bar will be operating under the current regulations for hospitality establishments. This means that only table service will be provided. You must not stand at the bar to order drinks and face coverings must be worn when you are not eating or drinking at your table. All licensed premises in Wales must stop selling alcohol at 10pm, and be closed (with no members of the public allowed to be on the premises) by 10.20pm.

Although the toilet facilities will be open, we ask that you avoid using the club toilets wherever possible and clean anything you have touched after use including the toilet seat, chain and taps. There will be disinfectant spray and wipes available for you to clean the areas after use. The toilets will be operating on a one-in, one-out system to limit the chance of cross-contamination.

If there are any disabled members that require access to the disabled toilets, please let the on duty Covid officer know and they will be able to ensure you can safely use the facilities.

Use of lockers or changing rooms will not be permitted. If you wish to play and your bowls are currently stored in your locker or in the changing room, you will be allowed access prior to your first game to retrieve your bowls and any required equipment. You will need to ensure that you thoroughly disinfect any surfaces you touch while retrieving your items. There will be disinfection products available at the club for you to do this. Once you have finished playing, you must take your equipment home with you and cannot return them to the lockers or changing room.

If you need to use any bowls from the rack in the men’s changing room you may do so but please ensure that you thoroughly disinfect the bowls before and after use.

Try and minimise contact with surfaces as far as possible i.e. do not lean on the radiators.

Rules of Play

All league games will be a triples format played over 2 hours. The afternoon games will be played between 3pm and 5pm with evening leagues being played 6:30pm to 8:30pm. There will be no play or games outside of these hours. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances it will not be possible for any games to be re-arranged. If you are unable to play at your scheduled time, the opposing team will be awarded the points for the game. Please ensure that you inform the league organiser and opposition if you are cancelling a game.

Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allocated playing time. There will be a Covid officer or barperson on duty and they will be responsible for opening the gate and clubhouse. Members should not enter the clubhouse without a Covid officer or barperson present.

Dress appropriately before you get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes. When you enter the club, please place your items next to an empty chair in the lounge area. This will be your designated area during your time at the club.

Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to; you must always remain at least two metres apart from those who do not form part of your household bubble.

You must always wear a face covering during play unless you are exempt from this requirement.

The Covid officer or barperson will be responsible for starting and stopping the timer.

Where possible, only two players to be at each end of the carpet at any one time. E.g. If the leads are bowling, both seconds should stand at the side of the rink (or sit at their allocated table) with skips at the other end of the carpet.

When you are changing ends, please use the right-hand side of the rink to walk up and down to ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from those walking in the opposite direction.

There will be a table near the entrance where your scorecard and a pen will be laid out for you. Please ensure that only one member for each team is nominated to use the scorecard and pen and that no-one else touches them. It’s advisable to decide who will be responsible for the scorecard before you collect it from the table.

Each player should leave their £2 playing fees on their allocated table. The Covid officer or barperson will collect the fees for each team and place the money into the envelope and collection box. This will reduce the number of people handling the envelopes and reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

To minimise risk, only essential items should be utilised during any session and where possible use your own equipment from home. There will be disinfectant spray and wipes available for you to clean your equipment before play if required.

To avoid the need to pick up and place a mat down each end, we will not be using mats during the games. A chalk mark outline will be drawn on the carpet and this will be used instead of a mat.

There will be no rolling of the jack by the leads. The skip of the team which won the previous end or won the toss should place the jack with their feet at the desired length. Try and avoid picking the jack up where possible.

You must use your own bowls and do not touch anyone else’s bowls. If members do not own their own set of bowls, the Covid officer or barperson can arrange for a set of club bowls to be used, the bowls will need to be disinfected before and after use.

If you are using a bowls cloth, you must always keep this in your hand or pocket and do not put it down on any surfaces or borrow to anyone else to use on their bowls.

If you get a ‘toucher’ you should nominate the bowl and not use chalk to mark the bowl.

When determining shots at the conclusion of an end, social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to, you must use your own measure if required. Please ensure that you do not touch the jack or bowls with your hands whilst measuring. Each team should keep their own scorecard and nominate one player to keep score. There will not be a scoreboard available to use.

Do not shake hands before, during or after a game.

Do not ‘high-five‘ OR ‘hug’ other players to celebrate shots or a win.

Please remember that these rules have been put in place to ensure that we are compliant with Covid regulations and to allow us to continue to open. Things may be different to the norm but it’s a necessary adjustment to allow everyone to continue to bowl safely.